A Story of Four friends Launch in Outjo

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On the 16th of May, Trauma Healing Network (THN) launched our Children’s Emotional Program called A Story of Four Friends(S4F) in Outjo. The S4F program is designed to help children aged 5-9 become more aware of their emotions. It is important for children to develop the correct vocabulary to express themselves and be able to identify their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Through this program children learn to develop skills in emotional intelligence and communicate about their emotions and learn to ask for help in handling these emotions and conflicts.

One of the participants (Marlin) mentioned that the S4F program will be beneficial for their kindergarten, she shared that they will paint the faces on the wall to remind the children about the importance of being responsible and caring for their emotions. The pictures will also serve as a reminder for the children to express themselves freely every morning when they enter the class. Another participant (Emma) from America shared that the teaching was quite helpful to apply to children and relatable to her personally and how she handles her own emotions. We thank God for transforming the hearts of the children who are part of the program and also for the facilitators who work diligently to teach the program.

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