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Our achievements are testimonies of the Lord’s blessings and care upon us over many years. These achievements are
mostly the products of work that began in 2003. During these years our local and international partners continued
supporting us financially.

Some of our achievements are as follows:
1. For the first time ever, the Dhimba people of both Namibia and Angola could experience the joy of having a New
Testament Bible in their hands.

2. We started with the revision of both the Oshikwanyama and Oshindonga Bibles as a starting point to identify Bible
needs of the youth.

3. We launched an audio recording of the Dhimba New Testament on solar-driven audio devices in 2018 to make the
Bible accessible to people who cannot read.

4. In 2018 we printed and published two Books of the New Testament – Mark and John – in braille for Oshikwanyama
blind people in Namibia.

5. The launch of the first 85 Himba Bible passages on a solar-driven audio device in 2019 brought both joy and spiritual
enlightenment to these nomadic people in Namibia.

6. Through an agreement with Gospel Recording Network – an Australian-based partner – we have made it possible for the
SAN people to listen to the translated oral Bible Stories on the 5Fish-App. We are continuing with the oral Bible
Translation for the San to add more Bible passages.

7. After 14 years of hard work, in 2018 we, finished translating the new Khoekhoegowab Bible. This is a meaning-based translation that caters to about 150,000 Khoekhoegowab speakers in Namibia. The Bible was officially launched on 25 October 2020, at the Tanidare Parish.

8. 24 September 2021, we, in partnership with Wycliffe South Africa, successfully launched portions of the Old Testament in Thimbukushu. The Old Testament portions are available on an Audio solar-driven device and in Booklet format.

9. We, completed phase 2 of the Himba Oral Bible Translation. The following is now available on the Audio solo-driven device: Genesis, 2 chapters of Luke, and the complete books of Mark and Romans.

10. After 3 years of hard work on the Otjiherero revision, on 27 November 2021, the Otjiherero revised Bible was successfully launched, at the Oruuano church, inOtjiwarongo.

Thank you to various partners who helped us and are still helping us – to achieve these milestones in Namibia: Seed Company, Wycliffe RSA, Lutheran Bible Translators, and DEGNOS in Namibia, to name a few.

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