Childrens Trauma Healing Training

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Rev. Jeremy Kinyanjui from the Bible Society of Kenya facilitated the Advanced Children’s Trauma Healing Training in Outjo from the 22-26 of August. The four days training equipped the facilitators with skills to train people who work in Children Trauma Healing material. This training has also opened the way for Children’s Trauma Healing Work country wide. Rev. Jeremy shared his experience below:

Visiting Namibia for the first time; I found the people and participants warm and welcoming. The interest from their participants to acquire new skills indicated their eagerness learn. They willingly gave themselves to becoming better facilitators and this was demonstrated through their punctuality, consistency and response in class. At the end of the training, seven out of eight participants completed and fulfilled all the requirements for certification. Four participants were certified as Training facilitators and three participants were certified as healing group facilitators. I enjoyed every moment of my time in Namibia. The short lived stay was peaceful and I thank God for giving me the grace to cope with the slightly different weather and culture.

Written by Rev. Jeremy Kinyanjui

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