“Ester’s Journey: Spreading the Word and Making a Living”

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We would like to introduce you to Ester Sheilemo, one of the remarkable volunteers of the Bible Society of Namibia. For the past 12 years, Ester has been buying Bibles from the Bible Society of Namibia and selling Bibles in the bustling Central Business District (CBD).  Her dedication and passion for spreading the Word of God have touched the lives of many in Namibia.

Ester works alongside Tate Martin Mushimba, the initial owner of the place where she sells her Bibles. Positioned in front of the renowned American Swiss jewelry shop on the vibrant Independence Avenue, Ester’s table proudly displays a variety of Bibles, catching the eyes of pedestrians passing by. It is in this lively setting that Ester shares her inspiring journey and what motivated her to embark on this unique endeavor.

For Ester, selling Bibles has been both a blessing and a means to make a living. The opportunity to spread the Word of God while sustaining herself and her family is a tremendous source of joy and fulfillment. As a devoted mother of three, Ester’s hard work allows her to afford her two children’s school fees and provide for their daily needs. However, Ester also encounters challenges in her noble pursuit. One hurdle arises when the top-selling Bibles run out of stock from the Bible Society. Nevertheless, Ester’s determination and resilience shine through as she refuses to let obstacles deter her from her mission. Staying at home was never an option for Ester, as she is a loving mother who
tirelessly strives to provide for her children.

The income Ester earns from selling Bibles extends beyond her immediate family. It also enables her to support her extended family back in the village in the North of Namibia. Her generous spirit and willingness to assist those in need reflect the true essence of her character. Ester’s journey reminds us of the profound impact that individuals can have when they combine their faith and passion for God’s Word with their daily work. Her dedication to spreading the message of love and hope has touched countless lives and continues to inspire others to follow suit. As the Bible Society of Namibia, we are grateful for Ester’s invaluable contribution and unwavering commitment. She exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and serves as a beacon of light in her community. If you happen to walk down Independence Avenue, take a moment to visit Ester’s table and support her mission. Your purchase not only enables you to have a Bible of your own but also contributes to the noble cause of spreading the Gospel throughout Namibia. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us.

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