Gratitude Testimony

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“I am writing this with a thankful heart to our God and the Father in Heaven. A special thanks goes to the Bible Society of
Namibia for the Bible Sponsorship received on 24.11.2022. I am a congregation member of GPK Church in Wanahenda,
Omongo street. In my time at the church, I have noticed that there is a need for New Bibles in our Congregation. The Bibles
of some of our members were broken, or some chapters were missing as a result of being read doe some many years. I have
written an email to the Bible Society requesting for 10 Bibles. To my surprise I received 25 bibles instead of 10. This in itself
is a blessing already. It was an auspicious moment when some of the members received their new Bibles. You could see it on
their faces. Thank you, Bible Society of Namibia! May God continue to bless the work you are doing!
Thank you to Mrs. Veronika for your kind assistance. God’s Mercy and Grace be with you.”

By: Anna-Lora Campbell

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