Healing Retreat Experience

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“The Healing Retreat was a blessing to me, it simplified the issues surrounding trauma, and it
adequately outlined the foundation for dealing with and healing from traumatic experiences. I went to
a psychologist for months over the loss of my child, to arrive at the same outcome that I did in 3 days of
attending the Healing Retreat. During the Retreat, we did an exercise involving the timeline, the
exercise was a game changer for me, simple and yet very effective. The timeline allows a trauma victim
to revisit what hurt them and gives the necessary skills and opportunity to heal from it.
I strongly recommend the Healing Retreat to all mothers and fathers alike, charity begins at home, in
the same way healing should also begin at home.”
written by : Miriam Lukubwe

You too, can be part of a Healing Retreat experience, and take a personal journey, where you
retreat from your daily routine and reflect on what has shaped you into the person you are today;
explore different topics to help you evaluate your relationship with God; as well as learning about
dealing with emotions, managing your coping skills and discovering a new perspective.

for more information contact: colourme2@thnnam.org.na

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