A Bible translation is not, in the true sense of the word, fully finished if special care was not taken for people’s ability to read the newly translated Bible. The biggest part of the Dhimba-speaking people in both Namibia and Angola does not have access to the written Bible due to their illiteracy. Although a solar-driven audio device makes it possible for people to listen to the Bible, a basic human need is still not met, namely people’s empowerment to be able to read and write.

The ability to read and write opens a whole new world for people in terms of their self-esteem and upliftment as a human being. Hereby, they receive the ability to ready and experience the Bible.

In 2019 we embarked on a literacy project amongst the Dhimba people of both Namibia and Angola with the help of the Finnish Bible Society. The materials for the literacy program were developed; and the plan was to start with the literacy classes in 2020. But due to a lack in funding, the project could not continue.

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An amount of N$673,930 is needed to run 10 literacy classes with 20 students each for a period of 6 months – this includes all the necessary materials and teachers’ trainings.

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