Namibia Association of Wheelchair Users Outreach Program

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The Namibia association of wheelchair users, aims to advocate for the rights of person with disability. The association empowers them and foster for a society in which Wheelchair users and people with disability in general can fully participate with no hindrance. Trauma Healing Network was invited to facilitate at their support group on the 2nd of July at the Disability Resource Center.

The main topic of the session which was “Using your tragedy to empower yourself and others”; allowed the participants to self reflect and assess what their tragedy meant to them. The session also covered topics that included defining and understanding Trauma, the grieving process, forgiveness and assessing your personal relationship with God. The session further focused on self evaluation and the different aspects including tools, skills that can help to develop self esteem and personal growth.

                                                                                One of the participants share the experience:

“I was very impressed by the presentation on Saturday, there was an
uncommon education that one hardly get for free in our society today.
What stood out for me was the aspect of the spiritual world, in as much
as we know that we are spiritual beings, sometimes we forget and only
focus on the physical, and we turn to ignore ourselves. One thing that I
learned was the importance of forgiving my self and as much as I should
forgive others and how to take good care of myself From within
emotionally .”
Lempi Matheus

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