Trauma Healing


Since 2012 our Bible Society is engaged in trauma healing work. This is done in association with the TRAUMA HEALING NETWORK, a registered welfare organization in Namibia. The aim is to bring the Bible’s message of hope and healing to traumatized people in Namibia, and to teach them resilience skills in order to deal with their trauma more effectively. By utilizing both psychological and spiritual principles, participants are empowered so that they do not give up in the face of difficulties.

The Trauma Healing Network reaches out to both adults and children, all over Namibia, by conducting Healing Retreats and offering training to facilitators.

You can contribute in the following ways;

-SPONSOR-A-CHILD – making it possible for a child to attend a Healing Camp; and/or,

-SPONSOR-AN-ADULT – making it possible for an adult to attend a Healing Retreat and/or training.

Only N$350 makes it possible for a child or an adult to attend a Healing Camp or Retreat.

Only N$750 makes it possible for someone to be trained as a facilitator in our program..

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