Woman at risk Workshop

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The women camp was held for the Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivor at Groot-Aub. We as women
experience emotional trauma differently but we all have one thing in common and it’s the trauma.
The event was held for 20 ladies, who were all excited to attend the camp and share their stories. The aim of
the workshop was to help the women identify their trauma so they could begin their healing journey. The
ladies expressed themselves in their own way and own language. It was indeed a painful but much needed
experience .
Before the stories and experiences were sharded, a confidentiality form was signed to build rapport with the
participants. The participants related well with each other stories, which formed a supportive and empathetic
atmosphere. The workshop empowered the woman to address the problems that causes trauma, discover
their voice, worth,truth and rights as woman and most importantly deepen their connection with God.
The session ended by sharing spiritual and psychological coping methods that can assist the participants as
they begin their healing journey.
written by: CPC Elzabé Gordon
We are grateful to Hope Initiative SA Namibia and the Groot- Aub community for making us part of this
workshop that heals hearts and changes lives.

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